Adriana Rivera, Board President
Tianna Kalogerakis, Vice President
Erin Nowak, Secretary

Angela Burns
David Agosto
Tito Albino
Neomi Hernandez
Wit Lopez
Bianca Pichardo

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Nikki López
Executive Director

Nikki López is a queer latinx poet and activist with over ten years of youth advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work.. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree at Bryn Mawr College and received her Masters of Fine Arts at Rutgers University Newark. Intentionality and intersectionality are keystones of her work as an activist, where she advocates strongly for marginalized communities in spaces where visibly queer, female, and Latinx person are rare. She was a 2012 Leeway Foundation Art and Change grant recipient and as a creative writer, social justice is central to her work where she has taught a number of youth writing workshops teaching participants how to utilize writing as an organizing tool. Keystones of her work are youth leadership development, HIV/AIDS prevention, and she formerly served on the LGBTQ School Advisory board through the Mayor’s office of LGTBQ Affairs in Philadelphia.

Aamina Morrison
TIP Co-Coordinator

Aamina Morrison, a Black transwoman born and raised in Philadelphia, PA has been involved with her community since the age of 17. She started at the Attic Youth Center as a peer educator, expanding her expertise at organizations such as The COLOURS Organization, Inc., Prevention Point Philadelphia, but receiving her most effective tutelage from the late Gloria Casarez, then Executive Director of the outstanding team of Galaei. She is currently the Trans-health Information Project Coordinator. She sits on many national boards dedicated to creating change in communities across the nation and has been involved with joining different cultures in our communities, such as the House/Ball community and Pageant circuit.  Her her passion about the work she does at Galaei is so strong is simply because she wants to see communities otherwise cast aside to succeed in life just as others around them. She wants to keep the individuals of our communities, and the dreams of the many individuals of our community alive.

Geraldo Oyola
HIV Tester

Gaymer, Anime lover, & Otaku!Puerto Rican, who was born and raised in Philadelphia! His hobbies include hanging with friends, singing, and living life with a confident mindset. Geraldo does the work that he does because “I love giving back to the community and trying to make a difference in my community even if it's a small one. I love what our mission here at Galaei is and I would love to spread the love we have to the community."

Jorian Veintidos
HIV Tester

Jorian was born and raised in Philadelphia and a advocate for youth leadership. He is part of the storytelling photograph project, The GranVarones. The face of the citywide campaign, Positivo which sheds a positive light on Gay Latino and HIV related issues. He is the 2016 Dale L. Grundy Youth Leader Recipient for the Penn CFAR CAB’s 13 th Annual Red Ribbon Awards. He is a HIV tester and when is not working on changing society he loves to watch anime, read, or hang out with his love ones and friends.

Sergio Morales
HIV Counselor

Sergio Morales is the senior tester for the Counseling, Testing and Referral (CTR) program at Galaei. Sergio has been passionately invested in queer nonprofit work for over 10 years. Sergio id dedicated to HIV work in Philadeplhia and community-lead efforts to improve the quality of life for queer Latino communities.

Manny Coreano
T.I.P Recruiter

My name is Emmanuel Coreano aka Manny or locally known as "Handy Manny." I'm interested in Social Justice, Music, Poetry, Photography and being the most amazing gender non-conforming unicorn in the hood. I love working at GALAEI because it is where I belong, where I fit in, and where I continue to grow. Valedictorian from El Centro De Estudiantes High School and 2017 Embajador for the Latinx Institute at Creating Change Conference.


Christian Lovehall
T.I.P Recruiter

Christian A'Xavier Lovehall is known for his poetry, music, and freedom fighting. Stage persona: Wordz the poet emcee has dedicated his career to creating art for social change. As an artist, he is committed to providing positive and uplifting messages for people of color not normally heard or seen in mainstream media, releasing several albums, a documentary and a poetry chapbook entitled, "Black, Trans & Gifted." In 2011, Christian founded and organized the Philly Trans March, an annual rally and march towards trans equity.  In 2012, he became an expert panelist and consultant for Philadelphia's LGBTQIA Initiative, a program under the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbilities that advocates for LGBTQI people in recovery. In 2013, Christian became a Certified Peer Specialist and has worked as a Recovery Specialist at Morris Home, the nation’s first residential program for trans and gender variant individuals in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. In 2015, Christian co-founded the National Trans March of Resilience aka TMOR. Today,Christian continues to live his life spreading a message of peace, love and hiphop “by any means necessary."

Francisco Zavala Cortes
Youth Coordinator

Current Youth Program Coordinator at Galaei. Proud Philadelphian, marathoner and cat lover. A graduate of Temple University's clinical psychology program (BA) and LGBT studies minor. Francisco is passionate about the intersectional Latinx and queer work that is uniquely focused at Galaei because of personal experience  but also the awareness of how needed and powerful Galaei's work is in Philadelphia. Francisco's drive is rooted in supporting the empowerment of queer Latinx youth in Philadelphia and beyond.