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The Trans-Health Information Project (TIP)

As a “by trans/for trans” resource and advocacy program, TIP welcomes any and all individuals who identify under the “transgender umbrella,” including trans women, trans men, unspecified transgender folks, and those who are non-binary, gender variant, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, intersex, or questioning their identity. We offer our clients the unique opportunity to receive peer-support from another trans* identified person and can assist individuals with issues relating to gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality including, but not limited to HIV prevention and linkage to care. We cite personal experience rather than textbook knowledge.   Are you considering pursuing hormone replacement therapy? Are you being targeted at work for your gender expression? Do your family members invalidate your gender identity resulting in an unstable or hostile living environment? The TIP co-coordinators can provide a safe, affirming, and non-judgmental space to explore such questions and pursue solutions. Clients may seek support for a specific issue or just stop by to chat, build community with other trans* identified persons, and use our public computer.   We offer drop-in hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 to 4:00 pm, and are also available by appointment.   The TIP counselors specialize in:

  • sexual health and HIV risk reduction counseling
  • résumé and employment coaching
  • assistance with legal name and gender marker changes
  • access to safe hormones and trans* affirming medical care
  • trans* sensitive housing/shelter referrals.

We strongly encourage clients to join our Leadership Development Workshop, a five-week course that helps participants to set and meet personal goals, practice positive coping methods and relaxation techniques, communicate effectively with others and learn healthy problem solving skills. Tokens and other incentives are provided, and those who complete the five core sessions will be invited to our bi-annual graduation ceremony to celebrate personal achievements and share their experience and growth with other trans* persons.   As of November 2014, we are excited to announce our newly authorized work within the Philadelphia Prison System. TIP is now able to offer volunteer services to any trans* identified or questioning individuals inside the local jails and we are eager to provide this much needed support to those dealing with the stressors of incarceration. Please call us at 215-851-1822 or email to make a referral!   TIP also offers professional development trainings for your agency and staff on topics such as “LGBT Sensitivity in the Workplace” and “Embracing the Transgender Umbrella,” as well as Trans* 101 workshops to introduce basic terminology to social service professionals. Please feel free to contact us with any other training needs regarding gender identity, gender expression, or sexuality specific to your client population and we will be happy to work with you to develop and deliver the appropriate information to your staff in an engaging way.   Check us out and “like” us on Facebook at:   — Co-Coordinators:   Naiymah Sanchez – // 215-851-1760 Naiymah is a proud Latina Trans woman living in the Philadelphia area by way of Bronx New York. Certified phlebotomist working as care navigator for the Trans-Health Information Project (TIP). Naiymah enjoys empowering, uplifting and giving a voice to her Latina and Trans community peers. She is a well-grounded people-person, and is always there to lend an ear and give support when it’s needed. She has been affiliated with GALAEI for the past two years, where she has the unique skill of engaging the transgender/gender variant community, encouraging “for trans/by trans” bilingual testing, and education around safer sex. She also provides counseling and empowerment to today’s youth. Her goals and aspirations in life are to end the stigma against HIV and trans individuals, and ensure that our voices are heard and that trans people are recognized not only for negative issues that surround us but for the positive things we do and are involved in.   Andrew Spiers – // 215-851-1763 Andrew is a radical community social worker who holds a Master’s of Social Service from Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research. In addition to co-coordinating the Trans-Health Information Project, he serves as the Trans Masculine Working Group Lead for the 2015 Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, is a founding member of the Two Umbrellas Recovery Space (a weekly support group for trans* and gender non-conforming individuals abstaining from drug and alcohol use), and participates in other social justice activism concerned with mass incarceration, HIV & the cure, ending the war on drugs, and fighting for trans* rights.

TIP (El Proyecto de información trans-salud)

El Proyecto de información trans-salud fue fundado como un proyecto conjunto entre GALAEI Punto de Prevención Filadelfia y se ha ampliado a su propia organización independiente. TIP trata los comportamientos de riesgo de inyección de individuos identificaods como transexuales. El proyecto incorpora la divulgación a nivel de calle y el trabajo de casos individuales; abordando una gran variedad necesidades sociales y de salud física con el objetivo global de reducir el uso inseguro de silicona, hormonas, y otras prácticas de inyección de los hombres y las mujeres transexuales. El programa también aborda las prácticas sexuales más seguras para las personas transexuales, conduce grupos de desarrollo de habilidades y ofrece referidos a una variedad de otros servicios de apoyo.

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