Galaei is a queer Latin@ social justice organization. Queer acknowledges and represents the mosaic of sexual and gender identities within our communities. Latin@ represents the multiracial, multicultural experience of Latinidad. Galaei embodies the common history of resistance and resilience of Latin@ and queer people. We are unwavering in our commitment to the advancement de nuestra familia through leadership and economic development, sexual empowerment, and grassroots organizing.



POSITIVO is a celebration of the love, affirmation, and support we provide each other. POSITIVO highlights our stories, our community, and our spirit that embodies acceptance, pride, family, respects, beauty, and resilience.

I started to come to Galaei when I needed help figuring myself out. During my time here, I have been able to figure out who I truly am and meet awesome people who look like me and support me
— 14 year old Youth
Before coming to Galaei I was not doing well in school. I didn’t feel supported or interested in school work. When I joined the Leadership Academy, I was able to focus on my school work. Fran helped me come up with ways to complete my school work and not get bored at it. Since graduating from the Leadership Academy my grades have gone up and my attendance is perfect this year
— 16 year old Youth
I came to Galaei because Mr. Francisco taught at my school. I was having a lot of self-esteem problems because I did not open up about being gay. Coming to group helped me become comfortable and tell my parents. I continue to come because it’s a safe and fun place.
— 17 year old Youth
We are absolutely delighted to have Mr. Francisco come and teach at our school. Talking about sensitive topics like sexuality and gender can often be challenging but Mr. Francisco does it in an education, non-judgmental and effective manner. Since doing a staff training and teaching the Sexuality curriculum with our students, our school has been able to work closely to make our school safe for all students, especially LGBTQ identified youth.
— School Advisor

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